A Nameless Noobs Danks-Giving (part II)

Welcome back, assholes.

The day of giving thanks is almost upon us - tomorrow to be precise. If you were around for last year, you know what this means. If not, you’re in for a treat. All day we’ll be hosting random streams, playing random games, and giving out random keys. The keys are not all triple A titles, but some are.

As I stated, it’ll be an all day thing. This is because we understand some people have families that they need to spend the day with, so it’ll be people in and out (the usual business). What the main goal of this is all though is at the close of the day, we can all unwind and relax with some good ole vidyas. This also lets people promote their streams since we’ll be hosting a variety of streams that will be playing.

Those of you that are of age, you better be drinking. Those of you that aren’t, you do whatever the fuck you want but we don’t condone underage drinking (my lawyer said I have to say that). If you have a stream you want to be hosted on the NN Twitch, either paste it in here or hit up the streamers channel and we’ll get on it.