About bots and team balance

Gotta ask, is there anything that can be done about how the bots behave when you join a team?

The issue seems fairly simple: When you join a team, one of the bots leave to give a spot.

However it’s a bot from the wrong team, which forces you (the last player to join a team) to switch team or be auto-balanced in a couple dozen seconds.

However, upon reviewing the attached video footage below, it appears the issue may reside rather in how the game forces what team you’re auto-assigned to.

I believe that’s a measure to prevent abusive teamswitching, or stuff like nadeswitching. And that seems to be working (It seems to balance players, without accounting for bots).

I.e.: in the video, I auto-assign in a server with only 1 player and 7 bots. I’m placed in the same team as that player, but, a bot is removed in the team I should be auto-assigned to. So in that case, the bot that was removed was actually right. I was somehow put into the wrong team instead.

I don’t have footage of more complex cases that I can better review myself, but I’m pretty sure there are cases where there is clear unbalance, like 3 players vs 1 player, yet I can’t switch to the other team, because even though I can actually switch, a bot from the wrong team is removed, forcing me to be auto-balanced back into the team with 3 players. So basically it won’t let me switch if there’s a difference of 1 player (5v4, 2v3, etc.), but it will let me switch if there’s 2 or more (3v1, 1v4, etc.) (but I’ll be “balanced” back). Case in point:

My team is 3 players & 1 bot. And the other team is 1 player & 3 bots. But I can’t switch to balance the teams because the bots won’t let me. A bot from my former team is removed, instead of the one I’m switching to.

(the teams will become: My former team: 2 players, 0 bot /// My new team: 2 players 3 bots /// 2 v 5

This wouldn’t be an issue if it was just a problem when joining. I’m fine with any team I join. But sometimes I wanna play against a specific player, and even if there’s a free spot on the other team, for the reasons above, I can’t switch. And while the bots technically make the teams “even” in numbers, 90% of the time, they’re fodder that are easy to kill and thus really hinder the team they’re on. So if it’s 4v4, but one of the team has 3 bots and the other has 1, the team/player with 3 bots will most likely get dunked on because their bots will feed helis to the other team.

Or maybe sometimes you’d want to coop with another player vs the bots (which is kind of one of the nice things you can do when you have bots), but the restrictive auto-switching makes it mostly impossible to do on purpose (sometimes, a random combination of players joining and leaving may result in an imbalance of players, but I’ve yet to figure a way to manipulate that myself).

But yeah, I don’t mind not being able to coop vs bots, that’s just a secondary thought. I’m more concerned about not being able to balance teams back (3v1 into 2v2) when bots are filling the empty spots to make it 4v4.

The issue seemed simple to me initially, but there may be more to it than I thought. Thoughts? Thanks for any feedback on that issue.

Attached here is an example of the behavior. Maybe there’s a way to manipulate the bots in-game to achieve that, but there I tried to play alongside that player and I just couldn’t (which is fine, auto-assign should put me against the player. I’m just providing footage of the behavior).


Like I’ve said before nothing can be done about the bots not automatically balancing.

Yeah true, gotcha boss.

I know I wrote a book there, but like I said in the 2nd paragraph, I realized the bots were actually behaving fine. I think it’s got to do with how auto-assign forces what team you’re on, regardless of actual balance.

Like you saw in the vid, balance put me with the player when it should’ve put me against. I bet that’s not easy to fix, but if nothing is done/can be done, then at least I’ve reported the issue. Cause it’s been requested a couple times to me in-game too.

The bots R dicks, just shoot em in the face

the bots seem to be hacking some times

Yeah that’s another concern I’ve had directed to me (and that I share as well). Sometimes the bots spawn with ridiculous skill stats. Reaction time and quality of aim is close to an actual aimbot.

Wonder if it’s possible to lower the limit of the values on the higher end. Dunno how bots work or are configured, but I assume there are a few skills and values to them, and bots spawn with a randomized mix of those.

Especially bot 23 :wink:

well umm the tess bot hacks pretty good as well :think: :shifty:

:open_mouth: How dare you!!! :slight_smile: You know folks in the CF server are starting to think something is up with me. Hearing you guys say that all the time lol! Then they realize I’m not because for my scores :stuck_out_tongue:

Tess hacks!!!

//Locked Once I have some free time i’ll look into the issue with the bots.