Abuse of Admin Powers

During a game on city streets, Admin [NN] Cpt. Hexman abused his admin powers and kicked me mid game, said i wasnt going for objectives yet i was walking to the bomb ( Which resulted in a free win for his team). Before this never warned for anything just insta kicked. (Was playing 3v1 because i had some kid on my team who was warping around the map). Also was spaming dicks in PM’s. Pretty sure ive been here x10 longer than this piece of shit and wants to kick me beacuse he doesnt like me?

I would greatly appreciate removing his powers or atleast warning him from doing this in the future. I’ve been on this server for years and first time ive seen an admin abuse powers against me.

Thank you.

Thanks for your report, I will personally look into this.

We do not condone admin abuse and appropriate measures will be taken if necessary.

Have a good day!


I would like to say couple of words, trying to give a clearer picture of what was happening.

I was one of the 5 players that were on the server. I was in the team of 3, and rectified was in the team of 2. On the defense most of the time he was camping on spawn, saying his team mate was useless and he doesn’t give shit about the game, and that he is not going to help him. His team mate was running around, got some kills, and did his best, and overall had a better score. There were the round when it was me against him left. I planted the bomb. He killed me. He was not going for defuse. He was running around somewhere, throwing nades, and shooting. That is when HexMan kicked him. Not to say he did not have friendly attitude at all. Just whining and complaining about how shitty SnD server and players are. He was not really contributing some effort to his team, until HexMan kick him.

I was playing against him, so they were losing anyways. So why he is complaining about losing that round, because of kick, will remain a mystery forever. People will tell legends about about a hero who stood his ground against injustice. A hero who brought peace in our land. A here who a gave us hope.




Thank you sooqa!

Thanks Sooqa for your insight.

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