Abusive player - Broadcast

Hi All,

Last few times i’ve played on your broadcast server i seem to have upset, for what ever reason, a certain player, KlipschTHX.

He’s now got an abusive bind, do we really need this on the server, yes we all like a joke and banter but sometimes can be taken too far, he also as binds about the [ARGO] clan and DD-dick (don’t think that’s the real players actual name)

Can something be done to cool him down ?



I want to reiterate what the previous poster said. My in game name is 0U812, this player (Klipsch/THX) the whole game does nothing but throw racial slurs at players. Last night while I was playing he continues to call me a hacker then switched his in game user name to my name (Ou812). This has got to stop and asking you to take care of this. What gets me concerned is I see no one even responded to ZX81. It puts a black eye on a server I and others have enjoyed for quite sometime. Look forward to your response.


Will ban him for 3 days.

Scratch that,
found an alias that indicates hate towards our community under his name.
Banned for 1 month.

Thank you admin, very much appreciated :slight_smile:


You’re welcome? :'D

Just an FYI he is back and I guess he hasn’t learned his lesson.

some proof would be nice.

Please forgive my ignorance but how do we take a screen shot in game?

I wouldn’t accuse him if he wasn’t up to his old tricks. But I thoroughly understand. I don’t want to get anyone banned, just want them to behave and act accordingly.


It should be F12.

Ive seen what OU talking about All my hours of Play I think Perm ban until he comes into Forum talks about it… Dude is Very Fishy! OU never Complains unless its Legit Sir! +1 For Perm Ban!

If you’re running COD4 through Steam then use F12.
If not then Prnt Scr and then go to Paint then paste and save.
Or use other software like Lighshot, ShareX etc.

Thanks guys…

Bossman, thanks for the kind words…:smiley:

Np OU See Ya on the Flipside … In Server :smiley:

Press f12 to do a screenshot, should be stored in your cod4 install folder or just google it.

Just a FYI, THX/Klipsch now goes under the handle of “eat it bitch”. He is back to insulting players again.

Everytime this guys plays he causes drama…


Dude should be banned.


Thanks…never my intention to have someone banned. However, enough is enough.