Abusive player

Hi Namelessnoobs community.

If you ever play on broadcast you probably know the problem already. There is a player called ‘rasdini’ who non-stop and I mean that accuses and cusses people about cheating and creating uncomfortable gaming environment to everyone in the server. If there is anything we can do about this situation it would be awesome because sometimes his insults go beyond the line. If screenshots needed I can provide some next time I encounter with him. I know this topic has been brought up before but it really irritated me in the recent times so I just wanted to address it once more.


Thanks for the report, I will take care of it.


I have left several posts regarding this player and have left screenshots, he got a temp ban. He came back after his temp ban and started doing it again in which I left more screenshots and nothing has happened.

He’s been temp banned for 7 days. Told him to take a vacation. If he continues after he comes back it will result in a permanent ban. We don’t need continuous negativity in our servers that effects the gameplay of others.

Thank you Fade. Hopefully this will help him to change his behavior.


I’ve temp banned him in the past for the same issue. I’m doubtful that he is capable of changing his ways.

I permanently banned him a couple days ago.

You won’t be seeing him anymore.

// Locked

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