Add a FFA server

Not sure where to post this but if possible I think we should add a HC FFA server or a sniper only server to take a break from the seriousness of the tdm and snd servers.

I think so too because most of us on the servers use snipers at times and want to develop our skills so why not make a ffa server to test our skills and acccuracy why have two s&d servers take out promod and put in ffa

I agree :slight_smile:

Just my opinion since I have never been a fan of FFA, but turning an FFA server into Sniper only would simply be opening a Campers Paradise which would then lead to the constant complaints I see daily on the TDM servers.
People love “Running and Gunning” on TDM and FFA servers, they like quick kills they don’t have to run around the whole map trying to find, Sniping = Camping, not knocking it but that’s how it is.
You do have your “Quick Scope” players who actually move but to be honest there aren’t that many that are that good and those who aren’t will of course camp and wait for a shot.
I honestly don’t think there would be enough traffic to justify it, I did check Sniper/Bolt only servers running COD4x and even though there are a few, only one had any real traffic, the others seemed to have private slots listed so it looked like they had any traffic at all.
Anyway, just my opinion.

As far as replacing the ProMod server with FFA, keep in mind, it’s still a fairly new server but it is building a pretty good player base and I believe in time it will build an even bigger one.

i understand DILLIGAF

Not my call either way, just wanted to add the Pros and Cons, in the end it comes down to the Big Guy Upstairs who makes the call. :wink:

One thing I though of for this is to make it with custom small maps and they have a plug in to make you scope out after every shot so you can’t camp too hard.

Well i got a test server we can test a FFA and see how it goes. How many slots?

make it about 40-50 so alot of people will be testing their skills and how accurate they are with alot of enemies around, and the strategy hey use

:astonished: asking a lot there buddy, even our full servers are only 24-30, no way in hell you are going to even make a dent in a 40-50 slot Sniper only server and make it pay off with traffic.

Be realistic, 10-12 min. just to feel it out, no more then 20 in my opinion.

no problem DILLIGAF was just making a suggestion to the question storm

To add to this, we honestly only a few people are backing this idea of a FFA server. So it really and truly wouldnt make sense to go guns blazing with 40-50. If we can barely get the promod at least half full, yes i understand its a fairly new server but what sense would it make to get another server unless you have a large amount of players who would be committed to play on it daily. But as st0rm said, it would be a test server and these are just my views on it. TAKE IT AWAY LORD ST0RM!

All good, glad Storm listened to your suggestion, you have to realize though that 40 to 50 players is what two busy NN TDM servers bring in, a new server, sniper only at that with that many will never happen, Storm may do it just to prove me wrong but I’ll bet Terrys virginity it never happens. :smiley:

:penis: :penis: :penis: ok bro terry’s virginity lol

If it’s sniper only I’d sau 20, if reg then about 18 I think would be good nd not too chaotic

Old topic, but I enjoy ffa I wouldn’t mind playing on it. Even if it was only 10-12 min and if it is full often upgrade it to 20. I feel its a good way to warm up as well.

Thats a +1 for me. Not 40-50 people that wil only be spawn kill @ max. Make it like 24 players!

Ya I agree with that, Its very common to have a few lazy players who will just sit and wait for a guy to spawn and kill em over and over. I guess a good rule would be don’t camp where you spawn. If you spawn move some where. Same simple rules as gun game mod as it is also an ffa, but a different type.

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