Adding fullbright to our severs PLEASE

i cant play properly on the servers cant i have major fps drops like from 90 to 28 cmon please ad fullbright guys

there are servers on mw2, have the option to turn on fullbright or not.

Get fullbright yourself you don’t need to have it enabled. There’s this thing called Google. It’s so cool you ask it stuff and it tells you how to do stuff. Techmology man its crazy!!!

I have mine set as a bind F6 and it never worked on our servers I tried snd and crossfire. But if I join another server it works just fine. Last i checked though it doesn’t work with the mod. Which sadly some people fail to research.

Got the same issues. frames drops from 400 to 200 …

When i spectate somenone ingame i keep getting the error. connection intterupt??? FPS dropping from 600 to 200

I got this problem after i did Graphic optimization in the options @ cod 4? Do i need to reinstal it?

What to do?

After putting my screen back to fullscreen i dont got any framesdrops yet.
its stable now: 415-450 :slight_smile: