Adding Killcam to NamelessNoobs 24/7 Broadcast

Demonix is hereby requesting that the admins give into thinking to add killcams to the following server (NamelessNoobs 24/7 Broadcast so that players can show off there last victorious kills in the game and so that clan members , Noobs, and Admins have a game of laughter and skill showed to ensure that the players know the skill that the following person has. And also i would want to adding killcam because i have seen in the past that killcams added in a serer bring more effort in getting the last kill so that the players can see how they killed them, what the killed them with and also how they kill them meaning if it is a headshot .

Please put in this to thinking because i would really like to see a killcam on this server.

Requesed By,
[NN] Demonix

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Killcams are sometimes the highlight of the game so i wouldn’t mind it.

ok bro i had that point in my head too but didnt put it in, dont know why tho. I hope the others think so 2 :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: