Admin Abuse report

Hi, i would like to report MyChrysalis for admin abuse, and for not doing her job, she had banned me for saying the word “nigga” as she thinks it is racist as my views the word is not racist and everyone else in the chat had been saying it. i told her that if she is going to ban me and ski shouldn’t everyone else who said it be banned but she said she would not like to scroll through countless logs too see who has said it. I see this as a lazy admin abusing her powers only caring about when she gets on and seeing the word “nigga” in a unbiased way. if she is gonna be an admin she should be actually doing her job instead of just randomly targeting people then going and telling the whole server they can revenge raid that person. a kid told me to actually die in a fire and told me too suck his dick yet he only gets muted and warned but me calling him a gay nigga ( which nigga in my books isint racist, just a term) can get me temp banned. I just dont think that she is fit for the job if she isint willing to do her job

Hi! While I am saddened by this report against me, I will nonetheless write up my defense and quote below. (TL;DR at bottom)

“nigga” (and other forms of the word) are commonly used as racial slurs against the black community, it is widely known as a racial term and is 50/50 shared usage of the term with other black members, who may refer to each other as the word (Example: “Yo, whattup my nigga?”). Due to the fact that it’s used as a racial term, it is treated as such in many games, servers and communities.

As mentioned in your ban appeal, I do admit to not having the time to scroll through these logs.

If you haven’t noticed my roles on discord, I also have to monitor other games on top of Rust AND juggle my own personal life, so I am not always available to go through thousands of logs worth of chats just to find people misusing the word. This is why we have a reporting system and active admins who can do this sort of thing, including myself.

I do my job when I’m online and able to. I have spent hours sometimes just sitting invisible, stalking and monitoring players to make sure rules aren’t being broken. If something is brought to my attention, I’ll usually act on it as soon as I can, unless I am unable to, or if I am waiting to act due to watching someone potentially breaking the rules (Such as your ban, as it was delayed by several minutes due to me watching what might have been a 5 person team). As for the revenge raiding, I will admit I was being a bit of a douchebag by notifying the server of your ban, but it was more to poke fun at the users who had been raided by the team that had been disbanded due to Ski Masks ban. That, I apologise for.

Envious - the user who had said such things - had been chat muted for over 50 minutes (I forgot to unmute them) and they have been warned for their excessive abuse and may suffer punishment from either myself, or other admins if they keep it up. Please bear in mind though, that the screenshot provided showing Envious being aggressive to you was only made worse by the fact you kept responding back and aggrivating them more. You chose to argue back with them, so that is an issue on your end, because if you had ignored them and they had continued, they would most likely have been punished harder.

I believe that I acted accordingly to the rules which state that racism is not tolerated. I admit I was a bit childish for saying to the server that you were banned and that you were an easy target for an offline raid and I believe that I am not a bad admin. However, this is my opinion and so I leave it to the higher ups to decide what to do in this case. Please note that throughout the time you were constantly berating me in Discord Direct Messages, I still proceeded to help you even to the end (Screenshots below). If I were such a bad admin, I’d have told you to fuck off and banned you from the discord, but instead I tried my best to help someone, even though they lied to me and acted like an ass.

im black and you shouldn’t be top admin or admin if you cant do ur job, and again i didint lie i don’t belive nigga is a racist term as i am black, and me commenting back to envious was replying to what he said as he told me to suck his dick so i said i would. and if you cant monitor rust all the time you shouldn’t be an admin on rust as i said i would rather have a higher up and not you thanks :slight_smile:

Higher ups will respond when they are available, I am more than allowed to defend my case. Whether you are black or not does not matter, if you go into a huge majority of online games and say things like “nigger” in chat, you’d more likely be permabanned, or chat banned. Instead, you were given a temp ban on the server. In addition, your statement of saying that if I can’t monitor rust all the time is rather low, as we admins are volunteers, we don’t get paid for this and we take time out of our days and nights to help people on the server and deal with rulebreakers such as yourself.

well you did low things too and tell that too every black person that says nigga, do a vote and see how it goes

and also i said nigga not ni**** thought i would point that out

Same concept as a speeding ticket. We ban who we catch. We cannot be on 24/7 so when an admin is on they can enforce the rules. Just like speeding tickets some admins will ban right away if you use any variation of racism. Others might warn you first, and depending the day we may not gaf if no one complains about. You got temp banned because you broke the rules. End of story! We dont care who you may be in rl. All rules apply to everyone.


Agreed as well, and just to say this right now so everybody can see this. Any Racial slur is in automatic ban whether you are allowed to say it because of your race or not we do not tolerate any of it.

Ive seen both sides of this argument. Just because its cool for you to throw that word around in the ghetto, doesnt make it ok to say in someone elses server (that you dont contribute or pay for btw). But then to report the admin instead of just appealing the ban, shows your childish attitudes. In my opinion, your Ban is upheld. Is my rank high enough for you?