Admin Abuse

I have been playing on this server for awhile now, for the most part i like it here. But there are some admins that come in the game and provoke players by calling them dumbfucks and idiots and then when the player comes back at them they pull the rule about arguing with a admin…

First of all if you are a admin you should treat every player with respect… Respect is earned by treating people with respect.

If a player is being a asshat then give them a warning and if they don’t listen to that warning then give them a time out…

Calling them assholes, noobs, dumbfucks, idiots, retards, doesn’t do any good for anyone. All that does is create a problem.

Admis are used for making sure other player go by the rules, not to disrespect them by calling them names and provoking them so they can use their power of being a admin.

Im not going to call anyone out, but I’m sure someone can pull chat logs to see what admin is doing these things.

I come into the server to play a game and have fun doing so, but reading what some admins are saying to players in here is getting old. Being a admin does not give you the right to disrespect anyone.

Just my personal thoughts…


Hello R@WDeadWeight,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing negative behavior from our CoD4 Admin Team, as HA of CoD4 I try to set and maintain a certain standard of professionalism and maturity for the admins to follow, and ones who do not comply have been punished/demoted in the past. With this being said, I can’t see everything and I do rely on the regulars to report and provide proof of such behavior. Searching blindly through chat-logs is not an efficient method in finding incorrect conduct.

Feel free to contact me directly on Discord and I will look into it further and try to resolve this problem.

Thank you!~

Well, this is not good. :astonished:

Thanks Fade for the quick replay. I will get setup with discord this week so we can talk about this.

Thanks again for the reply.

Next time just take a screenshot, so we can know who exactly is doing it.

I will. For the most part you guys have some great Admins, Just a couple of bad apples. I will get up with fade at some point next week on Discord and let him know what I’m talking about.