Admin want kick me today without investigation

nn zeus want kick me today without investigation . m try only switch team but he blame me m switch team with nad m playing every week andlike this server but not try going against law but he dont want listen and talk some bad words

Thinking about kicking someone, and actually kicking someone are two different things. Zeus didn’t kick you and didn’t even warn you, he was just spectating you to see if you were nade switching, because other players were saying that you were doing it the other day.

That sound like an investigation to me? He investigated, and since you weren’t nade switching while he was there at least, he chose not to warn or kick. He just stated that nade switching wasn’t allowed, and told you to come play the game rather than just sitting in spec complaining to everyone.

Lastly, most of the “bad words” seem to be coming from you. These are just from tonight:

Dang, someone needs a chill pill. Just do right bro.