Where are the active admins at for NN’s Cod 4 Servers? I play the SnD server Quite a lot. and they are always hackers. It is becoming a hacking sanctuary as I believe they get banned from most others. These hackers are known and really bums the players out when they see them join. I have been playing with game for a good while, I quit for some years and now I am back. I’ve been admin on multiple servers on cod4. On b3, punkbuster admin rights, and simple server login rights. Every time I see these hackers I leave game and check the other NN servers for an admin. to no avail.
I am offering assistance to the hacking issue. I request enough power to atleast temp kick. I only request level 40 power ( I think that is what is it on b3 to temp ban). I cannot and will not do harm to the server as I am a USA based player and the SnD is one of the only active ones for the US members on the Eastcoast to get good ping times.
Please someone contact me regarding this issue and possible membership.

If nothing can be done for me to have kick privileges, please give me a list of active admins on steam that can login to take care of the problem for all of the loyal players in NN servers. Thank you

Steam: mk_prodigys.I’ll get some records going.Just tell me when they are on.


We are working on getting some admins for our call of duty 4 servers but it is pretty hard since we just put up the servers and do not have a lot of clan members.

He’s right, hacking is pretty rampant on the SnD server, I have been on today and it’s enough to drive you crazy, they don’t even try to hide it.

I’ll start getting some demos and hopefully when my 30 days comes up I’ll be able to apply for Admin and get rid of some of the problem players.

I actually coded a plugin into b3 that allows you to contact an admin . !contact message

I’ll give it a shot later, I’m sure one or two will be on so I’ll have a reason to try it. :smiley:

Like I said I am very experienced with administration of servers. I was simply offering a win win kind of deal. I do see you have quite a bit of servers but no members on them, is this a new clan?
Also, just from looking on your server info, This is one of the regular hackers. “|TILAPIA|S.S” There is atleast one other SS member that is walling, name starts with an “L” but cant remember it atm. Another very blatant waller is player “Jose###” I cant remember the last 3 numbers…want to say its 438 but not for sure. I do not know how to record with steam as I am new to it. I used Xfire in the times before. TY For the fast response

I wouldn’t say we are that new since we were more of an MW3 clan for awhile and we deiced to give cod4 a go. Since I use to be in a a few cod4 clans back in the day. If you can record a demo and post it on forum we can ban the hackers via echelon no problem. I will also be working on adding at least a for commands for the regular players so have fight the hackers.

a !vote kick option would be very useful

Yeah but ppl will abuse the shit out it and vote kick good players

Vote kick is typically always abused, Storm banned a few right after I posted demos, the best thing to do right now is post demos and hopefully we can set an example for other hackers, at least until NN COD4 servers get more Admin presence.

As well as that i just got my cod4 running so you guys could use !contact in the server with a proper message when a hacker gets on then i’ll simply ban his ass or one of the admins on lol.

Oh by the way you guys do know you can re-apply for server admin once you’re a clan member for 30 days?

True, I seen the b3 saying you were looking for admins and to apply here. my application is thread starter up there^ lmaooo yes/no?

This isn’t the place for application threads.

From what I read it doesn’t necessarily ask for membership. Just people who want to volunteer to admin. Is there a sub forum for that on website?

There are forms for MW,MW3 & MC.
Members Area.

Apply here;

Read our rules here;

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