Both games needs more admins. cause whenever I’m online there is never any admins on and theres always cheaters in all the servers

Report the the suspected hackers on the forum or post about it in discord. We can’t be everywhere at once sadly.

Holy shit can you do something else except bitching about admins?

Harsh and rude much :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Look, we try our best to be as active as possible, and probably whenever u are online and we are not is maybe because we all live in different timezones. Also we try our best to be as active as possible and even if hackers are on when we arent, report it on the forums and/or on discord, u are bound to get a response. And its better not to get butthurt and start critising admins.

shamzout yea man your right I’m sorry if I offended any admins it just gets frustrating sometimes

I know you are probably talking about MW3 servers since you seem to be most active there but being an Admin on COD4 I see as much.
It does help if members/regulars post in the forums or in Discord, Varevarelium did as much yesterday and I banned the guy he accused of hacking about an hour later.
I usually jump from server to server, typically when I do and I see someone accusing another player I’ll take a screenshot and check it after it posts, yesterday that happened and another hacker got busted on SnD, had they posted either on the forums or Discord I could have caught the guy sooner.
Amazingly the guy I banned had a steady 14 ping (something any gamer would kill for), yet he decided cheating would be more fun then playing on a server where his ping would have easily given him the advantage.

I don’t get that many days off so when I do I usually jump on for 30 minutes or so at a time throughout the day since I know the COD4 servers are also shorthanded, not perfect I know but it does help since I have nailed a few doing as much.

All that being said the end result is no matter how many Admins play on either game server, they can’t be on at all times, the members and regs are basically our first line of defense, I have noticed MW3 players post more here about suspected hackers, I wish COD4 regs did as much, it would give us a heads up when we do see suspected hackers posted on the forums/Discord and a name to watch out for.

Only Senior Admins can ban when players are offline when demos are posted showing proof of cheating but it does give other Admins without that ability a name to watch out for if we see them before Senior Admins watch the demos.

I know this doesn’t help much but like you I cannot stand people who cheat on any game but for everyone I do catch and ban I consider it a small victory for those of us who play fair and for the fun of the game.