All New and Current Admin Please Read!


I’ve been super busy and don’t have time to add people to the server admins. So to make my life easier and so I don’t have to hunt people down for their info!

I coded this simple form and IT WILL ONLY WORK IF YOUR AN ADMIN ALREADY! So be warned, but before you fill it out we need some info.

PLEASE JOIN THE EPIC MIX SERVER AND DO THE FOLLOWING COMMANDS !guid & !hwid. Please write down this info since you will need it and please note you will need to include the - ← dashes for the HWID. Finally after you made sure you have everything please fill out this form.

I will do my best to add each admin to the server every day after I get home from work 8PM (UTC/GMT -5 hours) After that you will be given an admin password in which you will have to !login PASWORDHERE to be able to use any of your commands.

Any questions please send me a PM and I will do my best to reply to you when I can.

<3 st0rm

Just out of curiosity can everyone see the Admin Request form when it’s been posted? just asking because it has a lot of private information.

No they don’t I copied the permission from staff chat, so we should be good.