Andrew, I am sorry But Get me back! plz read this1 !!

Please Andrew, You are wrong with that one, i was’nt spamming is Discord just someone from the chat was talking sh!t to me and i repeat for him, plz Get me make, in this time i catched alot of cheaters and i can’t share it to you man!
I Hope u see it and get me back to Discord NN.
Peace :pray:

You are allowed back in to discord now, but if you “spam” or do anything else it will result in a permanent ban.

I scored a 37. What do I win?

Free nail polishing.

i got a 16 wOt do i get?? :wink:

I guess i’m the biggest idiot because I spent 20 minutes on the test only to make it to a screen that asked me to pay to see the results.

WTF!! do i win XD hahahahaha 7 USD in your ass, maybe Hippie create this site to fuck the Stupid ppl around the world and im wondering why he use homeless moroncan as my nickname, Fuck!! :epic: :epic: :epic: :epic: :hamster: :hamster: :hamster:

Thank You Very much bro, Appreciate it, But You Forgot to invite Me first :slight_smile:

you have the invite link on the website

ahh so andrew makes money anytime someone clicks the link