Appeal a Ban ✿ burrito ✿

In-Game Name: ✿ burrito ✿

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Unknown

Admin That Banned You: Unknown

Any Comments You May Have: I’ve only played on the CoD 4 SnD server like 4 times in the past month, I’ve never used hacks before on any server before, but I still got a global ban for playing legitimately? I don’t have any demos to show that I don’t hack, could this be unintended?

That name that you give is not found.

About that, that’s my Steam name. In-game it shows up as a bunch of symbols and numbers because CoD4 doesnt support certain unicode characters. It should show up as simply an apostrophe in chat or a bunch of random characters like this:

I really hope this ban wasn’t intentional.

PM me your ip

It won’t let me pm you, I have to post a bit more apparently

Get on discord then and message me there.