Appeal a ban

In-Game name: VZla-Yopofri7

Date and approximate time of banning: between 5/12/16 - 9/12/16

On what server you got banned: NamelessNoobs Epic Mix / NamelessNoobs 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you: Fully legal game and not use insults or cheating.

Upload your .demo file


Upload your .demo files of playing inside the server here for proof that you didn’t hack. How to get your demo file is as shown in the video above.

Where do I get this file, and how do I upload it? Excuse my English.

I know where the files are but I do not know how to upload them for review.

The admins will review them

1.[spoiler=“Upload it as an attachment”]

Upload it to and post the link here.

I need to re-record the game, it is giving me error and it removes me from the games; Tell me if you need other files before re-recording everything.

SPANISH: Necesito volver a grabar el juego, me esta dando error y me saca de las partidas; diganme si necesitan otros archivos antes de volver a grabar todo.

I’m reviewing the theater and there are pure games that are not mine, will I record that on another side? Or is it because I have disabled that I do not record in the games so I do not lag?

SPANISH: estoy revisando el teatro y salen puros juegos que no son míos, ¿sera que grabo eso en otro lado ?. ¿O es porque tengo desactivado que no grabe en las partidas para que no me de lag ?

I already recorded the game from scratch and erased all the .demo so I can record my games, so they can check the games when I play on their servers and someone accuses me as a cheater.

What is all this stuff?? Admin that banned you has 24 hours to post proof of you hacking or you will be unbanned.
Cause players can give us any DEMO file so wait for the admin who banned you, he has 24 hours.

I sent the files, but I realized that they were not mine .demo, I do not know why I was that folder full of .demo of 2012 if I just record a few weeks ago the game. I had to erase everything guard my profile and re-record everything and clean that folder, now if you record the games I can show you the ones I record today. Sorry if you do not understand me but I do not speak much English. I would not insist so much on the subject but I do it because I DO NOT USE cheating. I like very much to play in their servers but if they do not want to not insist to them.

Waited almost 5 months to make an appeal.