Appeal a unjustified global ban

In-Game Name: NN cod4 server

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Feb/24 9:10 pm or so

Admin That Banned You: not sure

Any Comments You May Have:

Hello. I been playing in NN servers for months and I never had a issue specially accusing me of hack. Not that I remember, many if not every admin here know me, specially BaZzY. I got no reasons to use any hack or anything related and I believe that it was a mistake or something like that. I never used a hack in my life. I believe whoever banned me, it was not right since there is not a proof of anything…, it is weird…

Sorry for the posts (I did like 3 times…), looks like I’m unbanned (I didn’t try to rejoin, If I got a issue joining, I will let you know. Thank you to Storm and Fade for the replies.

No problem sorry for the inconvenience. You should be able to rejoin servers!

Ban appeal resolved.