Appeal ban GetRetk

In-Game Name: GetRetk

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 07/04/2016

Admin That Banned You: DeadWeight

Any Comments You May Have: Nada en particular

Applause You figured it out!

Video #1

Video #2

Seems like little proof but i’ve got more just figuring out how to shrink file size from 11 gb to like 1 so i can upload.

Also don’t come at me with the argument about demos / theater that bullshit theater mode doesn’t record Wallhack.

The first one looked suspicious as fuck, the second one could have just been wallbanging. Waiting on the rest before a final verdict.

assasin you are not using so you will not detect UAVs, UAVs pulling equipment and portable radar and call me wallhack … think a little and you have much to learn the lockdown wallbang.

Excuse me but i know almost all of the wallbangs in lockdown and play ONLY lockdown since like 4 months now so… don’t tell me i have a lot to learn on lockdown lol also you can clearly see that you aim right at me because of the “YOU” mark on death cams don’t tell me it’s a lucky wallbang because it happened more then twice and you shot directly at me through the wall.

Let’s not forget his No Recoil video;
Just sayin’.

do whatever they want and see your pure clan “pro players” like many servers and I will not mourn for play on a server where admins cry for killing :frowning: “he kills me and not let me play better banned”: (noobs.

PD: XaeSword When you know play with all weapons and conoscas recoil can give your opinion this is not BT3 or BT4 there weapons if they retreat and learn cinema mode does not show the decline but see anyone knows and less recoil with bonus specialist.

gg admins

First off, kid, before you speak to me, learn to speak proper english.

Second off, kid, I know how the guns in this game work, that M4A1, even with Specialist, still has a lot of kick. Your video says no accessories, so I’m assuming that means no proficiency, either. However, Kick is the ONLY THING that reduces recoil, and the M4A1 still has significant recoil with the Kick proficiency. Get at me, scrub.

Third off, kid, your point of “admins cry for killing” is false, because the hacks are clear, the no recoil is in the video, and the first killcam was almost definitely wallhack.

#Slammed #EZ #GetRekt

what a scrub. Caesar says ban sticks (y)