Appeal ban M0t0

In-Game Name: [SilverAim].M0t0

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 7.05.2017

Admin That Banned You: i have no idea :smiley:

Any Comments You May Have: Hello there i have been recently banned on your broadcast Server due to aimboting , ofc many players have normal score as 50/30 , 47 /30 …
I admit it that i have like 100/27 , 90/20 … , its not coz of cheating , its only about time played (since -+ 2009 ) and some skills ( i have that same nickname on Steam with csgo Global Elite rank ) , i dont like to be really good player , im just looking for funny games like with this server (it fits perfectly to me ) , so about cheating yes i can tell you that im using cheats but ONLY in SINGLE PLAYER games , i hate cheaters in multiplayer so much as you do . Thats all what i want to tell you , and if you unban me , im looking for more nice games with you guys :slight_smile: :wink:

Appeal Denied.