Appeal Ban, ZeRo

tried connecting to Skidrow 24/7 server and within a few seconds it kicked me from the server with the notice “Player Kicked” i tried connecting again thinking i’d been dc’d but i noticed it said “Zero was globally banned on…” and then it kicked me out. i haven’t been playing iw4x’s version of mw2 for long and i certainly haven’t been using any cheats/scripts or glitching in your server.

Inbefore another admin does it:

Please follow the proper appeal over at

(EDIT: You also posted in the wrong area. You posted in cod4, not mw2. Click the image above and fill out a proper form, thanks)

Well you certainly wont be Globally banned for no reason…

So please go make your ban appeal.

User has made their appeal and this thread has been moved to the correct location. This thread will be closed and focus put on the other appeal.

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