Appeal Ban

I have been playing on NN for several months. I have never been accused of a cheat till tonight. I have NEVER EVER used a cheat. I dont know who banned me but I am able to play in any game any time to prove I can shoot well. I do suck at pistols unless its close range. But once I get past pistols and the uzi I am deadly accurate and very fast. I have played this game since 2008 and I am also an admin on another server. If you want me to video my hands or whatever to prove I have not cheated so be it. tonight a player (FLICKZ) was like your tracing through walls, not true. we were on creek and I was outside shooting players in the open. I stayed fixed on the tree that is sideways above the cave on the side of the gazebo and house. I enjoy your server and do not tolerate others hacking. If anyone video recorded the game (I hope they did) I would welcome it to be reviewed. There will be NO SHOTS fired and hits when anyone was not visible and certainly not when hiding in any buildings. I learned to be quick and accurate playing bolt servers. It took me many years to acquire the skilz and still today there are TONS of players who are far better than me. I dont know what my KD ration is since I started with NN But as I stated, I am challenging anyone who would call me a cheat and stand ready to prove i am legit.