Appeal for SupDuck

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Date and Approximate Time of Banning:
12th April 2020

Admin That Banned You:


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I confess, I was hacking and I was doing it since I got mad. I regret doing so and I haven’t been able to play on any of the servers for more than a year now. I haven’t been able to enjoy any other servers and I feel trash. I’m sorry for hacking and I promise not to do it again. If given a second chance, I pledge to donate to the server and to report hackers in the future.

Unfortunately Hackers and Cheaters are not given second chances. You more than likely will stay banned.

Is there something else I could do instead? ;/

NamelessNoobs is pretty strict on punishment for people who cheat. Reason being is it isn’t fair to other players and we advertise it frequently in our servers that you will be banned if caught. Not really much you can do about it.

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

I can confirm that you were banned from our CoD4 server for cheating (as you’ve admitted anyway), however the rules are in place to protect the server, staff and users.
Cheaters who are caught cheating do not get unbanned, as this runs the risk of them cheating again.

Sorry, but thanks for appealing anyway.

//Appeal Denied (Caught Cheating)
//Thread Locked