Appealing a Ban : 3 Hacks in a Game

In-Game Name: LokmanJM

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:2016-04-06 4:50 PM UTC

Admin That Banned You: OvXo

Any Comments You May Have: i was a noob … and i trusted my friends to hack the game like them …
actually i was stupid

I believe 3 to 4 weeks ban would do the job as we have the proof of him using the hack and he himself said he used hacks but still is apologizing for his mistake, Once their ban ends if there would be any sign of them hacking it would result in a prema ban.

This goes for the other guy too (JM3D)

Just my 2 cents.

Fair enough . And I will make sure that can’t happen again to me . :slight_smile:

Hello LokmanJM,

3 Weeks have passed and now you will be unbanned, just to let you know if we see you hacking again it will result in a permanent ban.

// Unbanned