Appealing Ban-cargo

Ban Appeal Form from cargo

In-Game name:

Response: cargo

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 06/07/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: I got banned for cheater association with a group I played with. It’s been over a month now and I still haven’t played with them since. I wasn’t aware one of my teammates were cheating and I wasn’t even on when it happened. I think I deserve to be unbanned because I was clueless on the situation and I’ve been banned for a while now. I enjoyed playing on your server and I hope I can eventually. Thanks!

edit: my discord is cargo#0452 and my steam ID is 76561198258323138. I wan’t to also see if I can get an unban on discord as I was banned for complaining about my base being removed due to getting banned, because I thought we were going to get unbanned because I didn’t think my teammate was cheating.

(reposted because it’s been a week with no response)

We dont allow players who affiliate with cheaters play on our server. Even with proof of him cheating you guys were pretty convinced he wasn’t cheating and made that clear in our discord. The ban will stay.

Hey thanks for the reply. I know you said my ban would stay, I would at least like to clear up my side. Like I said, after that day he got banned I haven’t played with him. I realized what he did and decided to move on from playing with him, and anyone else in that group. But playing on this server was fun. If I’m un-banned I will not surround myself with unknown people in a group, I would only play with my trusted friends/teammates I known for years. That was my first times playing in a group of that large numbers. I was invited last minute to play the wipe with them and now I regret ever doing it.

When we got banned I was in the pool and I got messaged on discord. I was clueless to what really happened at the time. I didn’t even know why we got banned until I logged on and saw the ban reason. I asked who got banned and it had surprised me, it was the leader of the group I was in. I then went to discord to get it figured out. We talked to multiple people, but the only name I remember now is Thunder and Chrysler or whatever. There was also a mod that was editing a video that was supposed to be sent. I later got the video link of him using scripts from one of the EU member in the group.(after I got banned from discord for constantly ranting about shit). I know my mistake there. From there on, I haven’t played/talked to anyone in that group since. I just wanted to clear up my side and hope you can consider doing something else with my punishment.

Like I said, I will not surround myself around random people. This would not happen again. I just want to enjoy the server like I used to. Thanks, again!

P.S. Sorry for the late reply on anything about it, I saw it like days after you replied, though I was at my cousins and didn’t feel like replying on my phone. I also tot totally forgot about it lol. <3 Sorry about everything. Please consider.

edit: I would also love to see Thunder’s side of the story and anyone else who helped enforce the ban / was there when it happend. Thanks!

//Ban Appeal Denied.
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