Applying For a UnBANN

In-Game name:use to be genesis but i changed it to Demonix

Date and approximate time of banning:Friday about 2pm

On what server you got banned:Namelessnoobs 24/7

Why should we unban you:I always have been played on this server ask anybody i only play on this server because i am in love with it , i only changed the skin of the guns because the original is boring,maybe its a mistake but get in touch with me as soon as possible because i need to start killing people on that server like always :slight_smile:.

I seen the SS From what Icould see it was just a weapon reskin

You will be unbanned in few .

Not sure who did the ban but in the future that’s just a weapons skin, not a hack.

for your reply ill see forward to playing again on your servers

Sorry for taking so long u will be unbanned in a few seconds.

Glad to have helped you Demonix <3. I am mainly myself on the S&D server. Glad to see you get to play again. :smiley: