Are binds allowed that allow a weapon to shoot much faster than its supposed to?

An example…

[media] [/media]

That’s some quick finger action :open_mouth: and i don’t think its lag.

It looks like some quick fingers.
This player must have played this game for more than 10 years and have fingers well practiced.

Scrolling is fine.

Macros and scripting are not. Definitely looks like a macro/bind. I’ll give him a Tempban.

Its scrolling, pls unban me, Roxy.
On playing right now, I will take a video on my mouse later, if it is needed.

If you have a video of scrolling then you’ll be unbanned. So far the video looks like a rapid fire bind.

Well. give me 1 min to clean my table before cámara it…
You know ; )

Thx for your patience.

You should be unbanned. Let me know if you still can’t get in the servers.

Got a message yesterday, from a NN member, while playing saying that st0rm as banned scrolling as well ?

Yeah, we updated the rules again, so scrolling is not allowed again.

Is that mouse wheel free floating or just has super easy scrolling? That thing’s insanely fast.

It is super fast. It looks like the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse which has a “Smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel”.

So I will reiterate, Scroll fire is NO LONGER ALLOWED. If Cefiro has it again, I will do another TB.

Yeah scroll should never have been alowed lol.