Bagool_69 Ban appeal for 3/4/2021 Force Wipe

Hey what’s up guys, I want to start by saying how much I have enjoyed playing on the server for the last 4 months or so. I think that you guys do a great job of keeping the server clean and for the first time on Rust I actually found a server where the admins aren’t a bunch of douchebags. With that being said you guys are great and I respect the choices you make to keep the server going strong. About a week and half ago to two weeks I was banned along side my friend Nsty. We had been playing with a group of guys at the start of the wipe and they decided that they didn’t want to play anymore. So we decided that we needed another guy to play with and bagged him in after changing the locks on our base (because of the 8 player limit). Me and Nsty had known Chris for awhile and he was just getting back into the game. Chris played with us for about 3 days and was banned by the games anti cheat which in turn got us banned from the server. During the time we were playing it didn’t seem like he was cheating because he wasn’t doing better than me and Nsty and it seemed like he was just average. This really sucked for me and Nsty because not only did we get banned, but Chris decided to leave our discord as well as delete me on steam. We had no idea what he had done because we were left with no explanation. Shortly after Nsty actually got ahold of Chris and found out he was scripting because he didn’t want to relearn the recoil of the guns or take the time to get good again. I in no way shape or form associate myself with him anymore, and I have always been opposed to cheating in anyway on Rust regardless of the memes and jokes I have always cracked about hacking (I say that in regards to the meme someone made of me saying I’m using esp and then getting banned). I have put in a lot (8,597 hours) of time towards Rust in order to get good and understand how the game is played. I think that scripting, exploiting and, using other cheats is complete bullshit and I would never knowingly play with someone who uses any of that stuff. I understand the situation and why I was banned, but I guess I’m just asking for a second chance and this time I wont make the same mistake. Thank you guys for your time and I hope to be able play on Nameless again.

  • Best, Bagool_69

The Admin team and I have read you appeal and mutually agree that a temp-ban is fair punishment for the situation. You will be unbanned for force wipe this thursday.