Ban Appeal 860beatz

Ban Appeal Form from 860beatz

In-Game name:

Response: 860beatz

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/3/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D

Why should we unban you:

Response: It says i was banned for cheating but ive never cheated or ever downloaded any cheats. about a week ago i got suspended for my language which i havnt done since but i randomly went to get on today and it said i was banned for cheating please review and allow me to play it is one of my favorite search and destroy servers and ive made many buddies on the server

you mind sending in your demos?

What are demos lol?

How should I send you those ?

They are in your game directory.
go to the one called \userraw\demos
Send both the .dm_13 and .json files. Try and find the one around 06/03/2022 02:07:22

i found them . how do i send them through here ?

Just upload them here

it says invalid file extension when i try to drag the files into the message box

does that work?


It’s been a couple days . Were you able to look thru the demo files and see I wasn’t cheating ?

Hey sorry for the delay but all of the demos you provided are just short clips of you getting kicked from servers you tried to join. Could you provide the last FULL game. The file size should be ~1000KB. All of the ones you provided were ~70KB.

I have a lot of demos I’m not sure how to tell which one is from when I got banned

You can see the date and time of the files. Whichever demo was the last on that date that is around the size you were told is most likely the right file.


these demos should be one of the ones i got banned on let me know

The demos you supplied or at least the two i was able to watch were you disconnecting after a few seconds. This isn’t going to get you unbanned. Honestly you probably weren’t getting unbanned anyway since you triggered the same metric again. You’re also banned for this on the NBS server chain as well. This clan is actually the one who made the anti-cheat in the first place so they have a better understanding of what the metrics mean. NBS said you’re cheating and the fact you got banned twice here also suggests this. Ban is staying, appeal denied.