Ban Appeal aaacods

Ban Appeal Form from aaacods

In-Game name:

Response: UAV Expert

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/13/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hi administrators of nameless noobs servers, I am a recent casual player in this server for about 4 years, I think any admins know my name or and have spectated me, all I usually enjoy doing is uav for team as role play etc, many admins have spectated me over and over due to my name being so eccentric or so, first off that laggy pc low ping and then adding vs perks like steady aim, hip fire accuracy, and or kick is my thing, then sometimes one ends up firing laggy shot but after all many have this issue and it’s normal at most, I am a real shooter not a random runner like many do, when I shoot you, you better not be in my way type of deal because shots will be direct, that’s if lmao my lag won’t stop me as from a lag portion of section of game map, unlike not having these perks, the shots will be spread out, not to miss out I shoot one of the most accurate weapons alike the mp7 most of my 2 kill uav game plays over and over just to sum up uav through out the whole game by simply not adding 3 assault perks just one and that’s 2 kills per uav, how easy it is to do my uav role, not many enjoy such many simplicity which well happily do, some random spectating guy once said, not to count that spectating is not allowed at most, oh yeah I recorded you and now you’re banned boasting over and over, sadly this random “NOOB” who I never seen play at all lol does not know all the main perks alike wall damage or steady aim or hip fire accuracy which I use from time to time depending on weapons, also they may not know how ping and fps or v synchronization works, or even may not know the nature of non game pcs, may we excuse the pc amateur, well after all my pc is not exactly a game pc, I do not use mods at any game, I am “not” and never been a fan of cheating and am against it, I enjoy fair play to test my skills, my fps is rather low most of the time as might cause lags, I am guessing administrators seen the video or so might be a different case, so far I invested time here thinking it’s fair or cool people to hang out with at server, I have never used one single mod at any teknogods cod servers or any games because I rather test my skills, also my score sucks to just be straight forward due to my lags at nearly 30 fps and ping on low internet wifi on my office work pc, not to re mention my pc is not for games, I felt an evil vibe on that person who said they wished me banned putting all types of happy faces and hearts like some mind offensive stuff, I am always nice to everyone, I even ask hacker to please turn off the mods and some listen, I feel I can be some sort of good influence, many player enjoy my company at this server, something funny is my pc only allows game play at this lockdown map due to lags, I can care less what happens here with this little ban appeal stuff, life is bigger than this little accusation of falsehoods who ever it may be that wished me so badly out of the server, I am a good person, I have had many great moments in this server no regrets, just know who ever did this, I have nothing to lose LOL!!! PS4 XBOS all day go figure, If any of you know me, you might know I am wiling to be fair admin soon “if” i see fairness at this server here, or as many of players, go to PS4 and forget this pc lag stuff any players take advantage of noobs with lag to make some score which after all is non sense compared to the real PS4 XBOX, if I remain banned here I will never re try to enter, and if so also I will recommend only PS4 and XBOS the true masters, or simply after all the original pc one, this intent of mine is to show the loop holes of negativity this sever has, who ever reads this now knows this is all non sense, if it was hate ban, good luck with your life, this after all was simply for those who may know me, who had millions of chances to ban me, spectating me over and over, I am good friends with a top player called, King Bloo, cool player, you can ask him, as we would team up on radar to catch enemies fast, he’s the best with nice pc and ping of lesser than 40 etc… Well guys, I like this server and even though I am on PS4 and XBOX I would stay here, remember this server is dying alike all teknogods in general, that’s for a good reason, I wish it did not or it can better btw, I can only wonder why. Well, if any admin may know me and knows I never hack, then they would know what this letter means, well if possible unban me, I rather play here once a while and hang out. Thank you, Cheers.

lol why are you banned? No wonder I haven’t seen you today.
You’ll be unbanned in 24 hrs if the admin that banned you did not post proof of you hacking, sorry that you need to wait xD

Thank you brother, this is a game after all, I am actually a noob in score most part and here and there pull some nice scores when motivated btw thanks in advance, and about that proof lol I won’t bother arguing or have any desire for admins to confront each other over some simple thing, life keeps going, may we do what thy love.

You are not banned as the site saiying :
anyway i know you ,u R a nice Guy. just try to play the server again and take a screen shot your screen. to let us know what your actual problem is!!

Hi, you were banned by mistake. You should be unbanned now.

Ok, I’ll post here if a message comes out, another thing I noticed is, sometimes server says a possible bug, “no recoil detected” not allowing player to log in server, then I would try to re log in and it would be fine, this has happened dozens of time, and a question, I seen players must have name on tags if they register? Am I registered as a “NN” NamelessNoobs tag? or do I wear my name normal or so?

Not sure if this post belongs here, can or do we have a Dome map? Be so awesome to have a “NN” Dome only type map, also thanks guys, this is really the only server I play in pc cod not to miss out this is the only server with full perks, I have a great affection for un restricted server perking etc… Fun!

Ok this is what I got on my last intent just now before this post

you are now unbanned.