Ban Appeal AcuTe||PaIn

Ban Appeal Form from AcuTe||PaIn

In-Game name:

Response: [Ss] AcuTe||PaIn

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: Doesn???t say when I got banned 1005 invalid Connection (Perm-banned, oops…)

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I Think i Should Be Unbanned Because I Was accused Of Hacking In I Was just Using amp Recoil Which Was A Perk Glitch For A Gun. And I really Wanna Play It???s Like One Of the Best servers.

What is “amp” recoil? Amplified? If so what does that even mean?

Yuck!!! Is one of those Ur guys I bet.
Hacks on fleek

no I Wasn’t Hacking It was Just A Perk to control my recoil better they banned me for no recoil hack but I wasn’t hacking

I’m confused on what you’re trying to say. If you’re trying to say I was hacking or that’s called hacking. I wasn’t hacking it was just a perk in the game that was glitches out

acuTe pain What the fuck are you talking about that’s both an advantage and a mistake?

So you’re saying a perk gave you no recoil? What perk is this?

Anyways I can’t even find you in our player database. I think you gave us the wrong name.

It was Fast hands and steady aim whatever Its called I don’t remember the name I would check but I’m on vacation I don’t have my laptop with me. But it basically reduces my recoil and on other ppls screen they thought I was using hacks. But like I said it doesn’t work anymore. I mean if you’d like you can try

Yes I Totally Agree With that Concept. It was An Advantage And A Mistake On My Part For Bringing It Into Your Server. I Apologize

Whoa whoa
This guy said he is on vacation and he doesn’t have his laptop on him. How he knows he is banned then :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Anyways he admits that it was an advantage, we don’t allow that here. Prolly he was banned months ago using some other name

How convenient. The “glitch” that gave you no recoil no longer works after you get banned. I guess I must have missed that fix in the latest MW3 patch notes from 2012.

Perks don’t give you no recoil. Ban appeal denied.