Ban Appeal adorn

In-Game Name: adorn

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 2/6/22 around 8pm EST

Admin That Banned You: IW4MAdmin

Any Comments You May Have:

It says I appear to be cheating but I haven’t done anything wrong and the last time I played a few weeks ago everything was fine. Was having the same problem on another server yesterday and they helped me fix it. Apparently it was something wrong with my GUID and I had to get a new one so I did that but now I’m having what seems to be the same problem with the namelessnoobs servers. I don’t know why this is happening but if someone could help me out I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

I’ve gone ahead and adjusted it for you, there was a mistake that had been applied a while back and is very similar to the issue you’ve had elsewhere.

You should be good to connect now, thanks for appealing.


//Ban Appeal Accepted (Fixed error)
//Thread Locked