Ban appeal again from cortana

hi people.
I was banned again because supposedly according the guy who banned me, I was using aimkey which is a lie again.

In-Game Name: COD MW3 (name: CORTANA)

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:15/8/2016 5:10 pm

Admin That Banned You: i dont know

Any Comments You May Have:
They baned me for using aimkey When it 's a LIE again.

thanks for the help!.

well let’s wait to see what others say admin. If they ask me to ride all demos i will, but I do not use hack friend. you’re wrong.

Tbh I’ve been watching you for weeks now and I also got pms from players saying you’re hacking. Sorry but it’s a stay banned for me too.

Well now im waiting for opinions of more admins and people…

I allways get pm from random players saying “cortana is a hacker”… now i see the demos and …
U stay banned for me to …

because obviously you did not see that I play with a ping between 70 and 150 and also been playing COD for many years , so those who saw my games not know the difference between a hack and a good player

You are shady… even more than Slim Shady.

[spoiler=“This is what I think is going to happen”]


Also if you think about making 'nother ban appeal:

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EDIT: I’m waiting on 2 more NOs then I’m closing this topic for good.

i dont understand man.
explain yourself

Kinda curious, do we ban with no proof ? I always post demos or try to get good SS’s.
Not wanting to create issues but every player has a right to argue their case.

If there is no demo or SS posted here then to be honest it’s a bogus ban.

Edit: on a side note, i watch players on COD4 on a daily basis who I know use hacks, I can’t prove it thus I let them go, I spend more time doing demos than I do playing but with these servers they know when an admin is watching.

Fair is fair, seriously, no proof then no ban, I may be new but I back NN rules when it comes to banning.

i have allllllll my demos and no adm asked me…

Ive played a couple of games with you on my team and on the opposite. I spectated you because people started to call you out and For the way you play (which is just never preaiming any popular camping spots nor ever preaiming corners un less u know somone is there for sure, you rush a lot with an ar and just idk weird gunplay) , you always have a suprisngly good K/d. I will only be convinced that you are not walling if you pm me ur Barracks screenshot with somewhat good stats and play time over 600h and a k/d over 3. Until then ur kinda fishy, stay banned.

ok ok give me 10 minítulo.jpg

I will not have 600h because when I delete the game the first time banned me

Oh… Tell me the reason for windowed mode?

ahahahahhahahahahaha :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: caught him red handed

I can not take a picture because the two monitors come and where the COD goes black . I can do it again if there is problem

I have over 600 demos from my last clan, only around 200 were banned due to them, pretty sure I was right* 1/3 of the time.
I get my ass kicked on a daily basis, great ping on my part, 20 years playing online yet it happens, I get pissed and wish as an Admin I can wave my little wand and find all the hackers…never going to happen so I use my best judgement as an Admin and hope when I ban I make the right decision and can back it with proof, not because I THINK i assume someone hacks.

i uploading my demos to mediafire