Ban Appeal: alreadydead

Ban Appeal Form from Antagonist

In-Game name:

[color=#f3b230]Response: alreadydead[/color]

Date and approximate time of banning:

[color=#f3b230]Response: 3/7/2019[/color]

On what server you got banned:

[color=#f3b230]Response: NN 24/7 Skidrow[/color]

Why should we unban you:

[color=#f3b230]Response: I posted a video explaining how I was doing what I was doing (shooting rapidly & managing the recoil for small bursts) to prove it was done legitimately. The post is here in the spoiler below[/color]

[color=#000000]There doesn’t seem to be any guidelines for how to format an appeal, so I’m gonna wing it.

I just received a ban for (as was explained to my friend I was playing with at the time) shooting too fast. I am 100% not using a rapid fire cheat or whatever. And something about no recoil which is crazy cause I clearly do have recoil but I’ve gotten pretty good at countering it with the FAL (which doesn’t really have that much recoil if you only shoot a few shots at a time & it’s a 2 hit kill)

I do, however, use mwheelup and mwheeldown to do +attack so I can shoot way faster than if I was clicking a mouse button. I know it’s douchey but I don’t think this is cheating or anything because you can easily set the wheel to do that. Just scroll rapidly up and down and pull your mouse down to counter the recoil…

(As I’m typing this my friend informed that using the mouse wheel is against the rules. That’s 100% my fault I didn’t know that and will stop.)

I just really like playing on the Skidrow server and I’m really bummed that I got banned.

I was requested to make a clip of me shooting rapidly, so here it is. Keep in mind this is recorded and doesn’t represent how it would look on spectator. Also I’m shooting way more shots in a row than I would just killing people so I’m getting worse recoil.


Thanks for reading all this guys.[/color]

In the video above, there is very obvious no Recoil, besides the fact that the admin who banned you also witnessed you going on to another server cluster using multi hack. Unless you can contest this, your ban stays in my opinion

I know there’s no recoil in the video. That happens all the time with the spectator on this game, especially if the person is good at countering the recoil. The game runs at 30 ticks per second so sometimes fast actions will be smoothed out in the spectator which can make small things like the recoil & correction from 1-3 quick FAL shots (which accumulatively have very little recoil until you get a couple more shots in) seem like nothing happening. Anybody who is quick enough would probably look like that.

As for me cheating on another server? We’re leaving the zone of misunderstanding and very rapidly approaching full blown confusing here. I did play with the admin shortly afterwards but I can’t imagine what he thought I was doing that was suspicious. I was even making sure I didn’t use the FAL and went with a SCAR-H class just to avoid any drama.

Even though recoil in spectate and killcams are weird, it will still show, and in those two clips, there was no recoil in the slightest. Take account that the camera in both clips didn’t move an inch. Off topic question but who was the person named uralreadydead? Kinda coincidental that you and that person were in the same game?

That’s my friend who I mentioned in the original post. He’s been admittedly kind of toxic since i was banned and he knows it wasn’t justified but I’ve asked him to stop.

I really have no idea why it doesn’t look like I have recoil, the tickrate is the only reason I can think of that would explain the discrepancy between my screen and the spectator video. That and the FAL having pretty reasonable recoil as long as you shoot it in small “bursts” so i’m able to correct reasonably enough that the smoothed out spectator wouldn’t show it.

I’m really bummed out that this is even happening. I have a pretty strong opinion about cheating & have actually reported cheaters to admins on the server to make sure everyone was playing fairly.

EDIT: I realize i’m at risk of sounding like a broken record but all I can really say is the truth & hope you guys will hear me out.

EDIT 2: Now that I think about it just for clarity I’ll embed my video here where I show what the recoil looks like on my screen, where I also fire longer bursts and show how increasingly hard to maintain they become.


Btw scroll wheeling macros not allowed either so id say ban will stay but then again, not my decision.

To be super clear it’s nothing fancy, just a bind in game to shoot when I scroll. I didn’t know it was against the rules which is my fault since it was kind of grey area given anyone can do it. I’m 100% honest about doing that and now that i know it’s against the rules I wouldn’t do it anymore. With the recoil thing just being a weird spectator issue like it is, I’d hope that a permanent ban for an honest mistake would seem kinda rough.

I’m sorry to keep taking up you guys time but I really didn’t knowingly do anything wrong.

EDIT: I’m really trying to not be disrespectful since most of the NN people I’ve interacted with on the server have been very cool and I have no reason to believe that wouldn’t be the case for everyone but this is a mistaken judgment getting way out of hand guys. And this multihack accusation out of nowhere? What’s going on? What in the world did I do? I’m probably more bothered than I should be but I’ve been having a lot of fun with people on the server & it doesn’t sit right with me when I haven’t done anything wrong. I’ll shut up now, it’s all out in the air. The offer to stream my gameplay will stand indefinitely. Thanks & i’m sorry again for the scroll wheel thing.

Well, bud. The whole “20 second clip” just proves that you have no recoil. Yeah, its buggy in theater mode and spectator, but explain this

The FAL still kicks, even in Spectator. Yours didn’t move an inch.

In my opinion, the ban stays, but like you have said, it’s up to the Head Admin

I don’t know who’s talking in the clip, I’ll assume its FakeFriend who is testing the FAL.
As for the rest of you: are you blind or are you just not seeing that the gun is barely even kicking up? Try shooting the gun once every 3 seconds without accounting for recoil control, there will be a small kick in spectator view/smoothed out version of what the player sees in his POV. If you shoot the gun in INCREMENTS OF 3-4 SHOTS, the gun will appear to have no recoil in SPECTATOR/KILLCAM VIEW IF THEY PULL DOWN THEIR MOUSE PROPERLY. Of COURSE you’re going to see the recoil in your own POV. Thats where you pull your mouse down just a bit, thats called CONTROLLING THE RECOIL/ACCOUNTING FOR RECOIL CONTROL. Do you guys even have a clue as to how that even works or what?

Hell, he sprayed the FAL and it had norecoil! So what, is he cheating/using a recoil script too? Hello?

This is exactly why my other post got locked for "repetitiveness/“bitch-fest”, its because we have to tell you guys the same shit over, and over, and over, until it absorbs into your skulls because we have no other way of proving to you that we’re legit.

How about this then? You let us play, spectate us all you want, and view our streams at the same time and compare the two as we play. We’ll use FAL’s exclusively and perform how we usually do. You’ll see norecoil when we control our sprays and all that as we play, whereas our POV will show recoil. As for Antagonist, he clearly repeated himself countless times that he was sorry for using the scrollwheel and that he had no idea that it was considered illegal, and we see the logic in that, so we have no issue with that at all. What we do have an issue with is that you guys, for whatever GOD forsaken reason, love to accuse us of one thing, only for us to disprove that CLEARLY in our demos, and then you guys go and say we “cheated” another way.

It could have been this simple as to just asking us to prove ourselves ingame and not waste anyone’s time but apparently it seems as if you guys get off on doing that. I’m not going to even ask about my ban at this point because its clear to me that you won’t show proof, or anything of the sort, and I’ll just conclude that I was banned because I’m associated/friends with Antagonist.

We were doing this according to what was shot in the video of Antagonist’s ban video. The FAL doesn’t just recoil up, it recoils to the side, if you payed attention to the FAL Recoil Test video. I understand that recoil control is a thing, but we did EXACTLY what you said. Fired single shots, then bursted, then full auto. All of those shots kicked up or kicked out. Also, no, he had recoil. It’s honestly starting to turn out like you’re the blind one and denying hard proof.

the above clip is obvious wh and/or aimlock. this has now gone past the simple no recoil and rapid fire. good luck

Also, I asked for demo’s and YOU are the one who didn’t supply them. All you did was post a video after the fact, which we can’t take seriously, as it may have been toggled off. We have supplied proof, and a video to counteract the “Its just a spectator thing”. Also, no, that is not my POV, that is someone that I am spectating to see if I can recreate what had happened, which I couldn’t

My offer stands. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear what the Headadmin has to say about this.

By the way, 0.25 speed, what aimlock? What wallhack? The “wallhack” is him flicking up to nade the spot you came from?


Antagonist hasn’t messaged me at all today. I’m still waiting on HIM to get up so we can do this at the same time. You act as if I’m obligated to do it at a specific timeframe.

And nice “proof” and “demos”, I asked for both Gingy and his friend to post their demos in their entirety if possible. You’re showing me these 10-20 second clips as if they even mean anything. They’re regular kills, of course, in YOUR eyes, they look like "walls and norecoil "and you cling onto that accusation like your life depends on it, its actually quite hilarious.

Well, kinda just not saying anything about sending demos doesnt help your case. Whenever you can send demos, I will be more than happy to look them over

You looking them over? Just you? LMFAO thats pretty funny, no. I want you and another higher admin of either a different game or just in general a higher-up admin to look it over. I can tell that you and you alone will look it over for 2 minutes and let the case be closed. That’s not happening. I honest to god don’t entrust YOU and solely YOU looking it over. Neither do I trust Gingy or his friend. By all means, they can look at the evidence and say whatever they’d like to, but it’ll be pretty funny to have their “opinionated facts” sway the outcome of this overall decision.

EDIT: So I don’t keep bumping the post with more posts of just a continuation of what I want to say.
We’ll gladly post our demos once Antagonist wakes up, or once he’s done doing whatever he’s doing. No clue whether he’s asleep or what right now.

How am I meant to provide evidence that I’m legitimate when one of you’ve gone and got me banned from Bandwith Bandits as well? Literally have not played the game since the match on Terminal. I’m literally offering to stream myself playing against players on twitch for as long as you’d all like so you can see for yourselves. I’ll get at least a 2.0, like I always do. This is getting insane. I can’t even play on other servers because of some sort of wild vendetta against me.