Ban Appeal Andybrtn

Ban Appeal Form from Andybrtn

In-Game name:


Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 10/12/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: According to administrators at Discord, I was banned by multiple hacks. I do not know the day of the ban, because if I remember correctly, it was yesterday or the day before yesterday the last time I played on that server, and today I try to enter and it expels me when entering with a message that says I was kicked for evading a ban . The last time I played, it was 2 games, I got bored and left the server. I did not use any kind of cheat. I do not and will not use cheats. How do I get you a demo, what day was it that according to the administrators I used cheats, I send the demo without problems. I need to be disbanded from the server because I go back and repeat, I do not use cheats. I say that this is a mistake, well, nothing more to add. Greetings, and sorry for the inconvenience caused

Hi Andybrtn.

OXIDE NETWORK also known as Zussman (although you said in discord that you have nothing to do with this nickname)

and a huge number of other nicknames…

Please admins, read this.
About the answer they gave me that I used other nicknames on the NamelessNoobs server, I want to tell you that it’s not, of those names I only know NaziBoss, it’s another Cuban just like me, but it’s not me. The problem is that in Cuba, multiple users go out by the same IP address. A problem from what I see for MW3 players, and it’s also a problem to download from MEGA, as we quickly exceed the FREE download limit. Not everyone here has wired internet, only those with landlines and if the ISP has internet support in the area. Most of us play via Mobile Data (like me) and others via WiFi, using a Nanostation connecting to a public WiFi. But, the main problem is that Cuba, goes out by a single IP, or too short a range, and therefore identifies me as all those nicknames. I’m going to see if I can talk to NaziBoss, I have to meet him on a server, because I don’t know him, he’s from Cuba but from another municipality, and I have no idea who he is. And then gather him here to see what we can do with this. The only nicknames I used were AndroidE, perhaps AndroidE_25, and OXIDE NETWORK. I also have a YouTube channel that is called equal OXIDE NETWORK, which my nickname is AndroidE, playing on LAN with friends. I don’t have videos playing on the internet because of the poor graphics settings as I had to sell the video card for an economics problem. I only have several photos that I left in first with the nickname OXIDE NETWORK, but the photos say nothing, they could only see the other nicknames of other users playing along with me with the same IP. By the way, I do have a close friend who plays, he does use multiple nicknames (Edelkis, El Zempai Mambi, Al Machete), but he also doesn’t use hacks. I didn’t answer before, because I didn’t have internet and I was busy. Today I saw the answer to my appeal. I can only upload 3 images, I leave the link of the images in GoogleDrive. Thank you, and sorry for this major inconvenience. And sorry for my bad English.

Google Drive IMGs: CoD - Google Drive

Closing this as your profile has been unlinked properly (for now). If your account is wrongly linked again please let us know either on discord or in a new forum post.