Ban Appeal Arcade Fire

Ban Appeal Form from Arcade Fire

In-Game name:

Response: security2007

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 4/8/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: idk what happened this time, i was playing and then got temp ban for whatever reason…

Do you not recall unnecessarily sharing your opinion of the Brazilian people with everyone?

are u serious? that was like 3 days ago, and yes i told pokz that he was a BR fag cause he was being very annoying.
i was already temp ban for that i dont understand why someone would ban me now for that anyways.

Thats because he only gave you 45 minutes. He didnt know that this is what, your fourth or fifth time being tempbanned? I extended it because clearly you haven’t learned anything.

You need to learn to keep your racist comments to yourself. No one wants to hear about how you think Brazilians are inferior. It really isn’t hard to not type racist shit into chat. Just do nothing. There you go, you’re already a better person.

actually that was not racist, and tbh i think you’re really pathetic.
i’ve played with pokz multiple times after that incident and had no problem, also played with other admins… no problem
matter of fact other admins who knows me was there when i said “racist shit” to pokz and they did nothing.
i hope you’re not reardon, cause if u are that’s not u trying to discipline me…it’s u being a scumbag.

Reardon is not even in this clan I don’t know why you mentioned him. And saying thinks like “X race is too dumb and stupid to do Y” sounds racist to me. If I said something like “Guyanese people are too stupid to work office jobs” would that sound racist to you?

The fact that all of this happened about a week after your last tempban for racism finished doesn’t help you either. Why can’t you keep these opinions to yourself?

first of all yes you sound racist cause u said people. i did not say BR people are fags, i said he’s a BR fag.
secondly i dont think u have to be smart at all to do office jobs they just sit behind a computer bored to death, maybe engineering would be fun to build cool stuff, so what are u saying?
and lastly when did i say someone is stupid to do things cause of their race?

That’s the point, I’m saying they’re so dumb they cannot even do an office job. Saying they’re so dumb they cannot become astrophysicists doesn’t have the same effect. And in game the other day.

You do realize that Bloo will just perma ban you without any sleep lost, right? It’s actually quite easy to understand. Unbind your talk button if you find it difficult to shut up during a game.

yeah ofc, that’s cause him and the rest of u guys are zombies.
How long do i have to wait this time?

just play on another server already holy shit lol

This ban will end in about a week. If you want us zombies to stop coming after you stop throwing flesh at us. If you could prevent yourself from sharing your views on certain races you wouldn’t be having this problem every other month.