Ban Appeal arcker820

Ban Appeal Form from arcker820

In-Game name:

Response: #DOG#

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: digame ustedes

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: no me deja entra y despues dice que estoy baneado ni yo se porque estoy baneado

Hello !

are you able to please write in english


Hablas inglês?

Please rewrite your appeal in English specifying the REASON you got banned and WHEN you got banned.

PS: Don’t say “tell me you when I got banned”

I do not see any player with that alias in our database, you must’ve been using a different name when you were banned.

no hablo english de verdad no se cuando me probieron ni porque me provieron esta es la primera vez que juego mw3 online no steam y por eso digo que no se ni de que me banearon o me bloquearon

Usa un traductor.

You were not using the name “#DOG#” when you were banned, and we cannot help you until you tell us the correct name you had at the time of your ban.

If you cannot remember, we may be able to find you if you send us your IP. Send the IP through private messages for your own security.

how do i get my ip

Escriba en google “WhatsMyIp” y copie los números

Haga clic en el nombre “Bloo Minotti” y luego haga clic en “Enviar mensaje privado”

Pegue sus números de IP en el cuadro y haga clic en “Enviar”

He incluido fotos para ayudarte.

Type in “WhatsMyIp” in google and copy the numbers
Click on the name “Bloo Minotti” and then click on “Send private message”
Paste your IP numbers in the box and click “Submit”

I have included photos to help you.

I’ve searched for your IP and it wasn’t in our database, so the only way we can help you is if you remember the name you were banned with. Just list any names you remember playing with.

#DOG# X.DOOM.X but with this name I do not enter your server and will last a day with it and if my ip is not in your database because I cannot enter

If it is possible, could you please try to reconnect to any of the servers and then post back here when you’ve done that? By joining (and being kicked with the “You are banned” message), you’ll appear in our Discord Database and we can try to use that to track who you are and why you were banned.

Thank you.

He’s already done that a couple times and the kick didn’t appear. This happens with tekno sometimes he’s going to need to remember the name.

and if I get into their plutonium server how do I get them to give me bam

I also get it and then this

Have you used the name “Wimo” before?


Epa ayuden me pues si mi IP no sale como baneado porque no puedo entrar ya llevo dias escribiendo aqui y no me soluciona nada ni me dicen una posible razon digame que tengo que hacer ya hasta di los nombres que uso en tekno y si puedo entrar en su server de plutonium y aqui no que pasa diganme por favor

The translator made the wording a bit weird, did you say you are able to connect to mw3 pluto? Or are you banned there too?

not in plutonium if I can enter and my previous post I apologize for writing in Spanish is that I was stressed

What name are you using when you try to enter plutonium?