Ban Appeal AsumiLuna

Ban Appeal Form from AsumiLuna

In-Game name:

Response: AMD FX 8350

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/4/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I’m not sure exactly what reason I got banned for as the ban message only read “Cheating” and nothing else.
It may not have been some lucky tracking and flicks with a radar because of how many people salt-report players that are better, but
It might have been the fact that I was using the AUG HBAR from MW2 and you normally can’t use it without memory editing, and I can understand people with that through process, but I have no advantage. Yes, memory editing could be considered cheating, but the only way that memory editing be used for cheating is making a god mode or invisible classes to gain an advantage, and since all tekno servers have scripts to prevent these classes, you can’t cheat. The AUG is just the juggernaut M604E that has the gun model of the AUG. It’s literally the M604E with a swapped model, and the same gun specs. It literally doesn’t and can’t give you an advantage at all. So… whats the problem? But I’m not sure what exactly what I got banned for, as the ban message only read “Cheating”. Thank you for your time and happy 4th of July!

Hi and thanks for the appeal.

You nailed the point on the head as you said that you were banned for using the AUG HBAR from MW2 but you missed the fact that you were using a .44 magnum that was suppressed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how you obtained the guns/modifications, you had an unfair advantage over other players when playing in game. It would be one thing if the guns were actually in the vanilla game and available to all players but, as you said, you had to “mess with the game’s memory files” (which may or may not be true) to obtain these weapons/modifications.


I also believe that the reason “cheating” was sufficient enough of a ban message, especially when you look at it’s definition.

I can understand where you are going with the .44 suppressed being an unfair advantage but you have to understand that yes, obtaining this normally is not possible and using memory editing to actually obtain something you normally can’t do, may be considered cheating, But there is one thing about the suppressed .44 you missed. Yes, your gunfire sounds suppressed, but it still paints a red target on the map like the suppressed M9 in MW2 not painting a red dot on the target as well. Although, using the suppressed 44 is a bit of a distraction as everyone playing hears my shots behind them.

Silencing weapons that are not even supposed to have a silencer option is unfair whether it hides you from the radar or not. Having custom weapon models isn’t exactly fair either. The M60’s main weakness is it’s atrocious iron sights and replacing that with your illegal AUGs completely negates that.

Anyways, you’ve modified game files to get a setup that would’ve been impossible to have otherwise, so the ban is staying.

Ban appeal denied