Ban Appeal B4rnes

In-Game Name: B4rnes

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 23:45 11/26/2021

Admin That Banned You: Not sure. I missed 3 shots on someone named roughly Obie One Kenobi and then I got banned.

Any Comments You May Have: This may have been a false positive by your system or by the admin who banned me. I was shooting on Bloc and missed 3 shots and finally landed the 4th after the guy ran back into view. Then I got banned out of no where. I’ve never used any cheat engine on your servers. Even back when you guys have the TDM Mixed playlist. I’m no quite sure how I got banned or the reasoning. I would at least appreciate a clip of what seems like I was cheating.

Thank you,


false-positive should be unbanned shortly

Ban has been lifted.


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