Ban Appeal best

Ban Appeal Form from best

In-Game name:

Response: ANIRET|Best

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/27/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: I’ve probably been playing on this server for about six months now and I had a very good impression of it, a pleasant atmosphere ,good responsive admins, interesting players and just a good server. But yesterday there was a situation that greatly upset and disappointed me. The Chinatown map began, where I played as usual,
went to the first place , did not break anything , always tried to do everything right. In one of the rounds, a bomb was lost near our respawn, I returned for it to put it , but was killed, with about 20 seconds left! there were also 2 more of our players nearby who were also killed and that was the end of the round! we’ve lost! In the next round, three players, including me, received a banna hour for violating rule 10 ! allegedly, we would not have had time to put the plant, although in my opinion there was still time to run to point B for 10 seconds plus setting 6 seconds , we could also kill all opponents without setting the plant, because this is also the goal of the game and is not a violation plant after all, this is also the goal of the game and is not a violation of rule 10.
I have heard complaints from other players about the Wetwelly admin that he uses rule 10 not quite for its intended purpose , in his own interests and not always objectively, not a few players have suffered from his actions! And now I am convinced of this ! Yes, I had warns for the entire time of the game here probably 5 times according to this rule, but in 95 percent I manage to install a bomb, and I always try to do it in time, but show me a player who never violated it and always managed to install a plant? I’m sure there are no such players,because there are a lot of all sorts of situations when you are far from the plant, and you just don’t have time to get to it , when you move away or move away from the computer for a long time and there are many more reasons , this does not mean that if you didn’t have time, you should immediately ban for it! I thought that this rule was created for really malicious campers , those who sit constantly on their respawn and do not want to run into the attack and bet.I do not consider myself to be such, I do not camp and always try to play on the attack and on the effectiveness for my team, this rule does not apply to me , but apparently not this time! without warnings, without conversations, the players received bans ! I believe that the admin uses this rule in his own interests to get rid of players who are undesirable for him, who often kill him or who make him angry , he looks for the reason and only waits for when it will be possible to apply this rule for a ban ! I consider an absolutely far-fetched ban, unfair, subjective biased ! If you look at it ,then according to his logic , you need to ban almost the entire server , because many players really often do not have time, and even the admins, I saw many start running 10 seconds before the end of the round and died 5 seconds before the end and they had nothing for it. I died in 20 seconds and I tried and I would have made it! I also don’t understand why there is such a severe punishment for this? immediately ban for an hour! and I’m so generally this admin for the fact that I’m in the discord I actually ended up getting a whole week of ban, just for asking where I could protest the decision on such lawlessness! I have already had a comment from the viewers for this rule! I’m not asking you to unban me (if you think that I did something terrible and deserve a ban for a week, then please)
I am for justice! even if this ban is, I will still remain with my opinion that this is not an honest ban, according to this rule, you can ban everyone, especially for the situation that was with me, I believe and will believe that I did not even deserve a warning because I did everything correctly, the admin is not an all-seeing predictor of the future to decide whether I would have had time or not ! ban the wrong people, Mr. Wetwelly ! please understand this!
For all the time I have not seen bans for such a thing and then immediately for an hour and then for a week! What did I do to get kicked out for a whole week? it’s not fair!(with such success,
he may be left alone on the server) disappointed!
(I’m with a translator, sorry for my English)

Looking at your profile and reviewing your ban, I can see that you have been warned for not playing the objective 4 times over the past 4 months, each warning was from a different admin as well. So while averaging once a month isn’t terrible, I think that there is room for improvement when it comes to either attempting to plant the bomb, or attempting to defuse it.

That being said, I have played with you plenty of times and know that most of the time you do generally play the objective and don’t just camp.

I have removed the ban since you have served 10 hours, and I think that 1 week is a bit long for a violation of rule 10.

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