Ban Appeal bigdaddywon

Ban Appeal Form from bigdaddywon

In-Game name:

Response: ClammyAssCumDumpsterBitch

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/6/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: My previous account was hacked because my email was hacked. Then i had to make a new account to play on server with my friends because my account was unable to be accessed. So I was out of luck trying to get my old account while trying to contact steam support which took over 24 hours. I eventually got back into my old account and I hopped back and forth on accounts to play my previously purchased games. Then today I was told I was banned because I had an “alt” account which I suppose I did but it was only because I wanted to play with my friends. I can provide proof that I was hacked because of log in locations from Russia and London.

Hi there.

You were banned for having an EAC Banned account, which is linked here:
Your accounts are linked via IP, share similar previous names and are friends with each other:

I understand you say your account was hacked, but sadly the safety and security of your accounts is your responsibility. There is no way for us to tell that someone else came on to your account and cheated on it and log in locations can not prove who cheated on the account either.

Because of this we have to protect our players and keep these accounts banned as they pose a threat to the servers and the player base within.

I recommend you use 2FA and extra steps (such as stronger passwords) put in place to keep your accounts safe in the future.

Ban Appeal Denied and Thread Locked