Ban Appeal BigDigkBandit

In-Game name:BigDigkBandit

Date and approximate time of banning: I’m not entirely sure but I think the beginning of September

On what server you got banned:I’m not sure(sorry) all I know is that it was one of your tdm bo2 servers

Why should we unban you:
I was just hoppin back on after being afk for a sec to get a drink and i had a message that said

banned for:
You appear to be cheating

I think I got a really bad lag spike that tripped out the anticheat (I think I read somewhere that ur anticheat flips out with immense lag and such)

Hi BigDigkBandit,

Try to reconnect to any of our BO2 servers, your account got accidentally linked to a previously banned account.

Oh ok 1 sec

Sweet I’m on tdm an not getting kicked thanks bro