Ban Appeal CARUTOthe

Ban Appeal Form from CARUTOthe

In-Game name:


Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 12/13/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Good day namelessnoobs team
It happens that today, 12:30 in the morning, was playing normal on your server, as I have been doing for over 2 months without any problem and then the players were complaining about a wall hack, which was my team called UTAKATA, despite asking politely to leave the server or turn off the wall hack ignored the request and as I saw people suffer for playing like this, I decided to end the game with a software that I have called loader.exe, in which charge a file.dll and I can finish the game, I add that it is the first time I came to use it, because I felt annoyed that I did not let play and I thought, that ending the game could go or turn off the wall hack, but when activating end game, has banned me from the server. I ask you to please consider my motive, I have always played cleanly without external software or cheating, but in this situation I wanted to help and end up hurting myself. I thank you in advance.
Name used at the moment of being banned: MATAHACKS
Real name: MAYLIN.

Don’t make more then one topic, a lot of people frown on that. If you really wanted to help then become clan member then apply for mw3 admin, you would make the server better and the community greater if you (or anyone else) did.

Why you are not in our discord server?

Sorry, these last 2 weeks I have been in exams and I have not been able to fully enter into the subject, but I am already fully available.

Thank you very much for answering.
That’s what I’m doing, I’m part of a clan and my desire is to be admin to contribute many things and collaborate in the community.
Thank you

Sorry, when I saw this it never told me that you were part of the clan and didn’t think I could be talking to a clan member in a ban appeal.


Hello, good day to everyone
I would like to know what happened to my case, it’s been 2 days and I’m dying to go back to the server. Thank you

Paitients is a virtue

Hold the phone…You used some program to end the game??? Can someone explain to me how is that not a hack…
Not even HA can end games smh

Ban appeal denied.