Ban Appeal clay

Ban Appeal Form from clay

In-Game name:

Response: MILFHunterClay

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/9/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown / Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: There was a hacker in the lobby and i think he was giving people aimbot and other unwanted hacks… i did not realize this until afterwards but before i could quickly leave the server i got perm banned:(

Hi, can you provide me with the demo from the game you were banned? Thanks.

  • Shadow

demo meaning what? my fault i’m new to this whole thing… never would’ve thought i would have to go through this

what does your server even ban? does ban my steam? IP address? because if it was like my steam or an account like that couldn’t i just make a new one?

This is not my game but I am only replying to this comment. What your saying is called ban evading and will result in a permanent ban from our servers no matter how this appeal goes!
With that being said an admin of your game should reply with the steps you need to get the demo that is required.

I’m not even trying to evade, i literally got false banned because someone else had hacks and gave them to me. i shouldn’t be banned when i have no control over that. you guys literally ban GUID and IPs it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that lol

and also if i were to get a brand new PC or something you guys can’t do anything or ban me for evading when it’s a totally new PC… wouldn’t be considered evading.

Hello there and thanks for your appeal.

First of all, we do not disclose how our anticheat and banning system works because if everyone knew, it would be completely useless to those who are cheating on the server. If you do attempt to join our servers with new details, you will be banned again and again for as long as the original ban applies. Repeated attempts would also cause us to consider further action such as removing your access to our forum, discord and/or other social medias and contacts. Do not bother risking it.

If you truly wish to help yourself out, you can do what ShadowZ asked above and provide us with a demo from the game you were banned. You can find the demo inside of the Modern Warfare 2 Installation folder under “userraw” and then “demos”. Inside the folder should be a bunch of files that end in two parts, one being a “.dm_13” and one that ends in “.dm_13.json” (please see the attached image below for details.)

Please upload both the dm_13 and dm_13.json to a file sharing host such as MEGA or Dropbox and send a link here. Failure to provide these demo files means that you cannot be unbanned. Please note, we need the demo from the game you were banned, any demos before or after that are null and void as these do not provide any proof of cheating or not cheating.

If you cannot provide these files, fail/refuse to or continue to attempt to evade your ban, we will close your appeal and revoke entire access to the network of NamelessNoobs.


didn’t see anything in there but that’s okay. i’m not gonna trip off getting banned on an old ass game. fortnite better anyways. i’m gonna go put my time into something useful and something i can actually make earnings off of… y’all have to play this game because you suck at fortnite make no money or earnings whatsoever. broke asses fr…. FNCS more important than your dogshit server. i’m just gonna wait until i get a new PC. L NamelessNoobs.

k, then youll just get banned again and have wasted money on a new PC for an old cod game

9 year old going through mood swings, pretty common in girls this days.

Someone else can’t just “give” you hacks by playing in the same lobby…

It seems as if you’ve made your mind up and I thank you for your wasted time that will surely have been better spent playing Fortnite, but hey, I’m sure your “army” of 7 twitch followers will be dying waiting for your next big stream, the one that further solidifies your piss-poor existence within the Fortnite community and I wish you the best of luck trampling bots and other little kids your age suffering from their own “mommy and daddy are fighting” issues.

Alas, maybe I’m being too harsh? Perhaps you’ll have a genuinely great time and even get to play against a pro? I bet you can’t wait for the day you lay down in bed and shake a fist at the roof to say “I beat you NamelessNoobs! I’m so much better than you!” before briefly crying yourself to sleep. I truly wish you the best in the future and look forward to seeing you reappear in our banned users list.

This post was brought to you by the “Zero fucks given” group, a collaboration of people who don’t give a shit or care.


//Ban Appeal Denied (GTFO)
//Thread Locked