Ban Appeal ComaHVC

Ban Appeal Form from ComaHVC

In-Game name:

Response: Macro Man 7829

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/5/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: Becasue I’m genuinely not cheating, I have proof in the discord server that shows a hand cam with mouse clicks audible. I played minecraft a lot and it translates to the Fal in MW2. Discord name is ComaHVC#3392

The FAL isn’t the only reason I banned you. There are quite a few reasons actually. The biggest being suspected Wallhacking, I have a clip of you killing someone through the wall with literally no UAV ping. And another reason is that it appears you have No Recoil scripts installed, because there is legitimately 0 recoil on your gun in the clips I have. I’m sorry but I’m really not convinced, you might have a hand cam video somewhere but that doesn’t mean you didn’t reactivate anything after posting a video to justify yourself. I’m sticking to opt for keeping your ban unless someone above me steps in and says otherwise, because I firmly believe there’s a lot more going on then just suspicious FAL.

Understandable, I think ik the kill through the wall. But I ain’t got any explination on the recoil that shit do be weird this is the other POV, I honestly think my ban for wall hacking may have been a legit mistake

[quote=ComaHVC post_id=18731 time=1641522278 user_id=4899] this is the other POV, I honestly think my ban for wall hacking may have been a legit mistake

That clip still doesn’t show me anything supporting you not cheating. Just because Apollo Killed you close to that spot prior doesn’t mean you can know automatically that he ran into the building and sat there he could have ran out the doorway where A flag is usually sitting in the amount of time it took you to respawn and kill him. Random Shot with luck? Maybe. That still doesn’t explain the 0 recoil you have on your gun.

would it be possible to send over my entire demos folder and even just a few games be looked over?

In response to your last post: Yes and No.

The only game that would really matter is the one that you were banned from, as cheaters could use demos from other games where they weren’t cheating and try to claim they’re legit. You’re welcome to upload the demo file from the game you were banned in for review.

2 weeks have passed with no response, thread will now be closed and locked.

//Ban Appeal Denied (Demo not shared from banned user)
//Thread Locked