Ban appeal: Dickydo

In-Game Name: Dickydo

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: December 10th 2020, 8 PM

Admin That Banned You: Unknown.

Any Comments You May Have: Occasional player just joining a friend. Yesterday, I played for a minute, all was normal. Tried to join just now and I was banned, not quite sure why. I did not / do not use hacks. Perhaps some kind of mistake?

EDIT: Server name is Nameless Noobs Broadcast 24/7

Any updates on this? It’s been a month.


You were banned in December 8, 2020

Ban won’t lifted as the GUID matches.

That can’t be possible, I didn’t even play COD4 until the pandemic started. And link me your profile.

Sorry ban was from December 8, 2020

I couldn’t find Dickydo since data is limited to 23 days? I tried to find myself under the penalty tab, still nothing. So I reconnected hoping to see a fresh automated ban I could use to find myself, and now I just got created under Dickydo (blank stats). I live in a large student housing complex, just got back now actually, and I suspect that I’m being bullied from a particular group of people again. It’s happened in the past that they join servers I play on and hack against me then we all get IP banned. Honestly, I’m just trying to join a friend during these lockdowns.

Proof that I’ve been playing for months, never used any hacks: “First Seen: Jul 06, 2020 9:00 PM”

Hey Dickydo, it looks like the ban might have been from your IP, but since your guid doesn’t have any strikes against it we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt and lifting the ban. You should be able to join the servers again now.

Apologies for the slow reply as well. I don’t think that you submitted this appeal through the regular forum, so I never got a notification for it and because of that didn’t see it for quite a while.

If you have to submit any appeals again in the future, please use this link:

Ban Lifted

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