Ban Appeal divine430

Ban Appeal Form from divine430

In-Game name:

Response: moonlight

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 5/12/2020 or 5/11/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN NukeRaidedJacked

Why should we unban you:

Response: i dont understand how i was banned on this was using the balista and the dsr with a tac insertion and i had got a vsat and the kept reporting me for wall hacks when i had the vsat up and running and then i hit a 5 on and the kept reporting me even more swearing at me saying yeah bud you are wallhacking and im sure i wasn’t if you would like me to show you my discord is moonlight#4702

In between your amazing lag spikes i was able to get these clips. You seemed to know where these guys are even though they weren’t really audible or on radar. Judging on how you reacted and your movments/following of the guys I’m fairly certain that you were the only person with VSAT on your team. To put it bluntly you most likely have a hack that allows for permanent VSAT.

this wasn’t the game i got banned in anyways and is there anyway for someone else to review this or the actual footage for multiple opinions
on this footage

and also i can prove my own game play by hoping in a video chat and or streaming it

You’re telling the person who banned you that you weren’t banned in that game even though that person banned you right after that game?
Streaming the game after you’ve had an opportunity to clear up the mods is a no go regardless. I’m not the only one to have seen this clip and agree so unless you have a clip of that game and those kills that say otherwise then the ban is staying.

its very unfair because im not a streamer nor someone who records my own game play i play the game for fun and its crazy how i have gotten accused of something i wasn’t evening doing everything in this video can be justified. when i place my tac my teammate ran in there and started shooting at an enemy and so i looked for he and the he wasnt there so i looked to the floor and i shot at him and then died. second kill i saw him jump out the window so i had turn towards him and there was two enemies there. next i was going to go to the basket ball courts then i decided not to and a guy jumped out the window and i had quickly shot him plenty of time to know someone was there. i went through money room know the spawn is still over here in kitchen so i turn the corner and there was two people there. next i jump out of money room looking at the radar seeing 2 of my teammates died by stairs so i go and chase the enemy i started to lag out because my cable people had informed me that in the area im in that the power and wifi have been acting up in this area so the were fixing it at the time and so i pre aim the right side because you can see on the mimi map that there is someone in that corner so i preaim it and i missed all my bullets and someone else jumped in front of me and killed me i tried to quickly racted but i was too late. the next kill i prefired the stairs because i knew there was someone there because thats where i had died and the quickly jumped in mid to get the sniper but that didnt work. next i went to pool side seeing my teammates shoot they werent looking at the bar area so i was looking at that area to make sure my teammates dont get killed and some one appears then the light strike covers my view so the i turn to the left side seeing more enemies backing off to watch bar again and there was a sniper on the out skit that killed me . and you are telling me that i am wall hacking.

For now you’re going to be unbanned based off of the vote of the other admins. You can connect to our servers again as you wish. If you were wondering why you were banned on mw3 or mw2 as well it’s because the system is linked so you should be able to play on those as well.