Ban Appeal dkaval

Ban Appeal Form from dkaval

In-Game name:

Response: poop train

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/1/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN FFA

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was in a game with my friend in (NamelessNoobs Gun Game) and flick shotted someone who just spawned near a window, so they walked out of the window, which I saw in my peripheral vision (my fov is up to 100), and proceeded to flick shot (I had a G-18) in Arkaden and got lucky with a headshot then I was wrongfully permanently banned. (I’ve been playing shooters for 11 years casually and competitively and I can understand how it may look like I cheated especially because of how quick it was but I was using a controller with aim assist on & high sensitivity) (If you can check my game history or KD it’ll show I’m not a cheater just an average player). I would like to be unbanned because I was not cheating and would love to get back into the game.

Hello dude, can you please send the demo of the game you got banned? Thanks

What do you mean by demo? If it helps, I was on MW3 Plutonium in Namelessnoobs Gun Game.

Demo is a game file that is recorded when you join a match. You can find the file in your game folder, probably inside “main” folder, I guess

Would it be this or is it in the video folder? [/img]
MW3 Folder.png


You will need to look into appdata.


And upload the demo for the time about your ban.

I think this is the match (if not, I have another file that could be the match) but after watching it, I don’t think I was banned for the flick shot I said earlier (which wasn’t a flick shot after I watched it, it was a regular kill but I was banned right after it). I showed my friend the demo, and my friend thinks it might be the “knife lunge trick” (that thing where you instantly fall & die) my friend showed me in the match (I think it might be that since I went pretty high up and I assume, the anti-cheat thought I was flying or something) or the kill at the end of the game. I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to put the demo in a zip folder; I couldn’t put it in the post without making it into one. (btw it’s a 25 minute demo of just us two messing around waiting for the server to get more players) (329 KB)

Hello, it has been almost 3 weeks, and I just wanted to know the status of my ban appeal. Since I think I am still banned, I was just want to know for sure, and thanks for the help & patience with me especially when I didn’t know what a demo was.

Are there any other demo videos that you have of that game? The one you had sent was only a few minutes and just shows you afk and then getting killed twice.

Sorry about that. I think this might be it (I have one more if it’s not and sorry for the inconvenience if it isn’t) (1.78 MB)

No worries, we’ll check this one out and get back to you.

It appears that demo you sent was for Nuketown and not the game where you were banned.

Hi, the ban form says you were banned on NN FFA but within your appeal you claim it was when you were playing in Gungame with a friend you triggered the anticheat with a flick. Regardless, the DEMO you provided shows Team Death Match. Do you have the Gungame Arkaden video for us to review? Going off of what you have provided, there is mismatching data and I cannot verify if what you said is true.

That demo you sent wasn’t the right one either, can you send the last one you have?

Sorry for the delay. I was researching to make sure this is the actual demo, and I’m mostly positive it is. (1.74 MB)

Hello, just following up.

Sorry for our delay. Personally, I don’t get notifications from the website for extra messages in a thread like this. I reviewed that footage you sent, and I think what happened was the system thought you were cheating either because of the headshots you got, or the hitmarkers you were getting while spinning and shooting at your friend. Regardless, it did not appear that you were cheating at all according to me. I don’t have the power to unban you myself as just a standard admin, but I’ll get someone to unban you within the next 24 hours or so (probably won’t even be that long).

Ban has been fixed, sorry for the wait!