Ban Appeal DrRazzz

Ban Appeal Form from DrRazzz

In-Game name:

Response: DrRazzz

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/5/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN NukeRaidedJacked Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: This appeal pertains to the “NamelessNoobs” BO2 Plutonium servers

I heard about BO2 Plutonium a few days ago and downloaded the “piry.exe” from Plutonium’s main site to start playing on their advertised dedicated servers. After joining your server (on I believe NamelessNoobs RaidedJacked and/or Stock) I was banned before the match even finished. The only explanation I can conceive of, is that I must have frustrated an admin who was online at the time; this circumstance was likely caused by me spawn trapping a few players on the map “Meltdown”.

Because of this, whenever I attempt to join a Plutonium server under the tag of “NamelessNoobs”, I am immediately kicked and I receive a message along the lines of “You were previously kicked on the accounts that you appear to be cheating”. I do not really know how I am supposed to prove myself innocent, especially given that I have no footage to show; but, from my understanding, I thought that Plutonium was renowned for having practically eliminated cheaters?

Regardless, this ban, which I believe to be grossly false (unless I violated some sort of game play policy within the server) is truly frustrating. A majority of Plutonium servers are dedicated to trickshotting, while the “NamelessNoobs” servers focus on TDM and DM–a strike of gold in a mine of coal, if you will. Furthermore, it is increasingly unfortunate that these servers tend to offer gameplay at the lowest ping, ranking them as my most valued servers.

Therefore, I ask that you analyze my case and heed my plea, as I truly wish to continue playing on the “NamelessNoobs” servers and enjoy Plutonium for what is has to offer. Plutonium is allows you to change names, and I believe that I did not have a proper name when joining the server. From what I call it was “nononono”, though I am not certain. Changing my name within the client does not unban me, leading me to believe that it is an IP ban. How would I be able to be unbanned and circumvent this blacklist?


If you have a demo/clip of when you got banned that would help your case. You were picked up by an anti-cheat and not an admin. The fact that you were picked up by the anti-cheat means that there’s nothing further to really discuss unless you provide proof you’re a clean player.

Hello there, and thanks for the appeal.

As Gingy has already mentioned, you’ve been flagged by the anticheat for suspicious actions first, and then further banned by the anticheat for extended actions upon the original flag. Since you were flagged first, then banned secondly, the system picked you up on two seperate occasions. If you’re able to provide evidence that you’re a clean player, then we can remove the flag and ban, otherwise, I’d need to speak with other staff members and check the system again incase it was a false positive, or an actual ban.

So after doing some further digging into the details of the ban, you appear to have been caught cheating by the system for snapping to players “bones” and head, which the anticheat picked up correctly and flagged you, before catching you again and enabling the ban. In addition to this, the higher up spoke to the developer of the system who also had a look and confirmed that the anticheat was working successfully in administering this ban to you. In light of this, we will be keeping the ban in place.

//Ban Appeal Denied.
//Thread Locked.