Ban Appeal DrugAddict

Ban Appeal Form from DrugAddict

In-Game name:

Response: DrugAddict

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 4/20/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN NukeRaidedJacked

Why should we unban you:

Response: I just downloaded Black ops 2 T6 using Plutonium and I try to connect to any of your servers “TDM” or the “NukeJacked” and it says “You are permanently banned - You appear to have wall hacks” but this is my 1st time even playing.


Just cause you installed BO2 doesn’t mean you didn’t play on our MW2 server which is where you got banned. Our bans sync across all the servers we host.

I never used “Walls” on your servers on mw2 though.

This account is linked perfectly to your bo2 profile and that profile alone making it very clear that you are the same person. And there were a couple kills you got on me that were quite questionable and so I recorded them and banned you for it since it was quite obvious that you were most likely using wall hacks. The only way I’m willing to unban is if you show your pov in the game shown through your demo files (if you still have them and only if there are no hacks).

yeah im not trying to act like im not any of those alias lol how do i get the demo files?

You need the two files that are associated with the demo (use the time and date created to tell which ones)

my earliest demo is Feb 13, 2021, how do i know what time and day i got banned?

how do i know which files to send? ive got a lot of files from April the 2nd, the day i got banned.

You can watch the demos in theater to know which one it is for sure.

I attatched both files that corresponded to the demo
New folder.rar (1.25 MB)

Sorry for the wait I was kind of busy and forgot by the time I was free again. You’ve been unbanned! Let us know if you have any issues.

no worries & thank you!!